Dirty Hate is a Dirty Pop/Indie Rock band formed by four Likely Lads when Pop/Rock Music, Dirt and Reverb Pedals crossed paths in the rainy season of June 2010.

 The band struggled starting out due to line up changes and in looking for that distinct sound that will identify their music. It was December of 2010 that became the band’s turning point as they found the missing piece that helped make the music sound right and tight.

Their music is a mixture of groovy and heavy riffs, straight-forward lyrics and pop melodies on top of it. The band described this music as Dirty Pop. Forged from their Indie, Garage, Punk, Psychedelic, 60s Rock influences and other weird shits.

The Usual Suspects:

Jon Tamayo – Mafioso

Tan Evangelista- Weird Noises

Paul Santos – Thugs

Bryan Baltazar – Skins & Bones


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